The Seed:
The journey behind how my practice developed begins with a teacher in secondary school. His course in family studies inspired me to reconsider my application for post-secondary programs. I had planned to pursue a career in science! He planted a seed.

The Roots:
I completed a Bachelor of Arts program in psychology. This began a journey of self-discovery.

The Stem:
I completed a Master of Social Work degree. This led to opportunities that contributed to who I am today. I have supported others in medical centres, counselling agencies, schools, and communities.

The Bud:
I learned about resilience. Although a person’s past may have affected their present, they may still be able to change their future. This has formed my philosophy on change: I believe that when you dig deeper to understand the lessons that the past offers, you can grow stronger.

The Flower:
I developed my practice. I support individuals, couples, and families in in Kitchener-Waterloo. To learn about my services, please visit this page.