“Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.”
– John C. Maxwell

At The Root Counselling - Individual, Couple, and Family Support in Kitchener-WaterlooThe Seed:
The story of how I decided to become a helping professional begins with a teacher. His family studies class inspired me to re-consider what I had planned to study. My application was filled with science programs, but I decided to add 1 more in psychology.

The Roots:
I hadn’t imagined myself in a psychology program, but I was happy in it. It also offered me opportunities to support others, which I enjoyed. I volunteered with an autistic child in a daycare, I mentored a student in an elementary school, and I guided a support group for university students on campus.

At this point, I recognized that I hoped to become a helping professional. My applications were filled with clinical psychology programs, but I decided to add 1 more in social work. I reflected on where I imagined myself to be and when different offers were presented to me, I chose to pursue social work. I appreciated that social work would allow me to be with others at every stage of their journey, whether it was as an observer, a guide, or an advocate.

The Stem:
In 2010, I graduated from a Master of Social Work program, and I became a Registered Social Worker. Since then, I have worked in different settings – medical centres, counselling agencies, schools, and communities. I have also received training focused on diversity and inclusion and attachment-based therapy

The Bud:
My time in the field has taught me that change is possible when we have courage to be open to it. Our past experiences may have shaped who we are, but they don’t have to define who we can become. I believe that when we dig deeper to understand the lessons the past offers us, we can grow stronger to create change in our lives.

The Flower:
I offer counselling for individuals, couples, and families in Kitchener-Waterloo. To learn about my services, please see this page.