Reta Franci, MSW, RSW

The Seed:
The journey behind how my practice developed begins with a teacher in secondary school. His course in family studies inspired me to reconsider my application for post-secondary programs. I had planned to pursue a career in science! He planted a seed.

The Roots:
In 2007, I completed a Bachelor of Arts degree with a specialization in psychology. This was accompanied by volunteer roles to support others in a university, an elementary school, and a research centre.

The Stem:
In 2010, I completed a Master of Social Work degree with a concentration to support individuals, families, and groups. I also pursued training opportunities that framed my practice as I gained employment experience. I had professional roles to support others in counselling agencies, schools, communities, and medical establishments.

My responsibilities included completing intake assessments, offering counselling sessions, researching resources, managing referrals, engaging in coordination of services, facilitating programming, designing workshops, and training staff members.

The Bud:
I learned about resilience. Challenges may have affected who we are, but they do not need to dictate who we may become. This contributed to my philosophy on change: I believe that when we dig deeper, we grow to be stronger.

The Plant:
I developed my practice, At The Root Counselling.


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